History of Cross A Ranch Skincare

The Cross A Ranch company site is no longer active.

Margy Brown ranched in the dry, windy plains for several years when she realized that she needed something different for her own dry skin problems. She was a beekeeper and loved the feel and smell of the capping wax from the hive. Thumbing through some old recipe books of her grandmother’s, she realized it was possible to make her own cosmetics at home. In her Bee Journal, she found an article on making cosmetics from the hive. By combining ideas from both of those sources, she came upon something that really worked for her terribly dry skin. She liked her accidental formulation so much that she gave some that year for Christmas gifts. That was several years ago and since then, her son (my husband) and I purchased the business from her and continue to keep her involved, as well as our children. Our family truly appreciates your loyalty and we thank you for helping our business grow.

The use of lanolin and beeswax as our main ingredients in the lotion line is because lanolin is very similar to the oils found in the human skin and the beeswax acts as a double protector. It forms a protective barrier on your skin that keeps natural moisture in and prevents soaps and detergents from irritating your skin.