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The Natural Skincare Products of Cross A Ranch were used by many happy customers. Below are some testimonials:

"With my various outdoor activities, especially this time of the year, I have chapped hands with cracking of the skin on the finger tips. Your Cross A Ranch Beeswax Star Bar is the only formulation I have found, and I have tried many, which effectively promotes the healing of this chronic condition. Thank you for your skin care products."
Ron Ley, PhD

"Hello from Pennsylvania! While on a bus trip over the summer to Colorado, we stayed at the Covered Wagon Hotel in Lusk, WY. Each room had a complimentary sample of your wonderful Hand Cream. Before, whenever winter came, my hands would begin to crack and bleed. I found that little sample in my desk and it has done amazing work instantly! Thank you!!! God's blessings"
Windber, PA

"I have been a fan of Cross A Ranch Skincare products since we made our first of four trips west in 2003. My first purchase was the jar of Hand Cream and several tubes of the Beeswax Lip Balm. On our next trip, I purchased the Body Cream and Body Wash and more Lip Balm, as well several items for family and friends. Now I just pick up the phone and order!
Thank you for keeping me supplied with your line of skincare products."
Beaver Falls, PA

"I do a lot of healing work with skin problems and my grand daughter has eczema so she has rashes and constant itching. She tried your body cream and it helped sooth and heal her skin. I love your products and highly recommend them."
Lee Ann 
Mountainview, WY

"I have Psoriasis of the Nails and the skin on my fingertips peel. It is painful and unsightly. I've been using the Star Bar and the Hand Cream together and it is almost healed! I will be a long-term customer from now on!"
Morgan Hill, CA